The Outlier Course Companion App

Read this article for a breakdown of what’s new and coming soon in the Outlier Course Companion Mobile App.

After enrolling with Outlier, the Course Companion Mobile App is designed to support you on your academic journey, wherever it may take you. Now you can learn whenever, wherever – Here’s how! 


Course Companion App Features

  • Watch your lectures on the go.
    Download your courses’ video lectures so you can watch them anywhere, anytime – no internet connection required!
  • Access trailers for other Outlier courses quickly and easily.
    Interested in what else Outlier has to offer? Conveniently peruse our catalog and watch course trailers in an instant!
  • Reach our team with the click of a button.
    Have something to share with the Outlier team? Let us know how we can help by pressing the ‘Contact Support’ button from the Options menu!

New features are in development and will be coming soon as updates to Outlier’s Course Companion app. Stay tuned!

Does this mean I can complete my course from my phone?

While this app is an invaluable resource, it is not an alternative to your laptop or desktop, as access to a computer is still needed to access exams, quizzes, and active learning. In other words, you may not complete your course from the Outlier Course Companion app, but it is a helpful tool for reviewing course content on the go! 


Technical Requirements

The Outlier Course Companion Mobile App is supported on the following mobile operating systems:


iPhone requires iOS 12.1 or later
iPad requires iOS 12.1 or later
Mac requires macOS 11.0 or later with Apple M1 chip or later



Release Notes for the Course Companion Mobile App are available HERE.

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