Sequential Courses at Outlier

Outlier's courses are renowned for their flexibility. While there are generally few restrictions to course enrollment, there are two situations that are prohibited: taking sequential courses out of order and concurrent enrollment.


Sequential courses must be taken in a specific order because later courses build upon the concepts that are learned earlier in the sequence. For the same reason, these course enrollments cannot overlap.


Example Course Sequences:

Course 1:

Course 2:

Course 3:


Calculus I

Calculus II (launching 2024)

College Writing I

College Writing II 


Computer Science I 

Computer Science II (TBD)



Scenario 1: A student has completed Calculus I and wishes to take Precalculus for credit. 

  • Since the successful completion of Calculus I requires that the student has learned the foundational concepts in Precalculus, the student cannot earn credit for Precalculus after taking Calculus I. They will be required to exit the Precalculus course.

Scenario 2: A student is scheduled to complete Precalculus on August 14th and has signed up to start Calculus I on August 9th.

  • The student is not permitted to enroll in Calculus until the next available cohort after August 14th. If they have not passed Precalculus, they will have to pass a pre-test to affirm they have the foundational knowledge to be successful in Calculus I. They will be required to exit the Calculus I course and/or transfer to a future start date.

If either of these scenarios occurs, Outlier's Student Success team will reach out to the student to inform them of the conflict and determine the appropriate next steps. 

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