Getting Transfer Credits Approved

Thinking about earning some college credits from Outlier? In that case, the most important to do before actually taking courses with Outlier is to get these credits approved by your home institution.

We recommend viewing our Course Transfer Toolkit for more in-depth information. This article will provide a brief overview.

Choose Your Courses

The first step is to figure out which courses you plan to take at Outlier. Make a list after reviewing our Course Catalog.

Do Some Research

Research your school’s transfer policy. Look into important deadlines, paperwork, and any eligibility requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! Also, if you don’t know who to contact, we recommend your institution’s registrar or academic advisor.

Get Pre-Approval

After finding out what must be done to approve transfer credits, get to it! Before starting any Outlier courses that you want to transfer for credit, you must know if you can actually transfer the credit before taking the course.

Also, review the minimum grade needed to transfer the credits.


Request Syllabi

Easily request syllabi for any course by following these steps:

1. Head to our Course Catalog

2. Click on the course you need a syllabus from

3. Under the "Get Started" button, click "Request Syllabus"


Start at Outlier

After getting approval, get started with us. Enroll in your Outlier course.

Is your institution not approving the Outlier credits?

Go to this article for an alternative solution to gaining college credits at Outlier.


Go to this article to start the transfer credit process.

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