Accessing Tutoring

Students enrolled in specific Outlier courses have free access to unlimited sessions with a tutor, through Skooli.

Students who regularly attended Skooli sessions improved their pass rates by nearly 13%! (compared to their peers who didn't use the service at all)

Learn more about how to access this service, as well as other resources we have to help you, below:


Courses Eligible for Tutoring on Skooli

Outlier is pleased to offer tutoring through our partner Skooli for the following courses:

  • Precalculus
  • Calculus I
  • College Algebra
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Financial Accounting (6/14 start date and later)

In addition, our writing-intensive courses offer asynchronous reviews of writing submissions:

  • College Writing I
  • College Writing II
  • Intro to Philosophy


Accessing Live Tutoring through Skooli

You will be connected to the Skooli platform directly through your Outlier course in the Course Toolkit by clicking on the “Tutoring” button. Clicking that link will take you to your personal Skooli tutoring homepage - no sign-on credentials required!

Once there, you will see a screen like this:


If you are interested in seeing how the platform works, please check out the guided tour. If you are ready to speak to a tutor, go ahead and click “get started” or “connect with a tutor” buttons. You will be brought to the following screen, where you can choose which course you’d like tutoring for, and can briefly mention which topic you’d like help with. 


Once the session begins, you’ll be able to use the whiteboard, as well as audio and video, to communicate with your tutor and work through your questions together. When your session is complete, a record of it will be saved in “My Stuff,” accessible through the menu in the top right of the screen.


You can prepare for a live tutoring session by entering a whiteboard and entering any information you want there, such as screenshots, which you can then save. You’ll be able to easily bring this saved whiteboard back up when you connect with a tutor later.


Accessing Writing Review through Skooli

Students in College Writing I and Introduction to Philosophy can submit drafts to receive asynchronous feedback from a tutor, also accessed by clicking “Get Started” or “Connect with a tutor,” with the “Written assignment review” on the right side of the screen. Note that the tutors will not be familiar with all of the specifics for your particular assignment, so it can be a good idea to include some details about the assignment, such as the assignment description or scoring rubric, in the document you upload.



Course not on the list for tutoring? Not to worry!

If you are in a course not covered by Skooli tutoring, or would like additional support, we are here for you! Check out the options below for getting help in your coursework:

  • Reach out to your peers and Outlier academic support specialists in the discussion community for your course. Remember to add the “@Outlier” tag if you’d like a tutor to jump into the conversation.
  • Submit an inquiry via the "?" button on your course page when you encounter a problem or card you don’t understand - use the "Tutoring" option to send a question directly to an academic support specialist at Outlier.

Reach out to the Success team to learn more about how to navigate your courses, manage your time, and solve any technical issues you may be facing. If you’re not sure where a question goes - start with Success!




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