Getting Ready to Become a Student

Thinking about taking a course with Outlier? Becoming a student at Outlier is incredibly easy! Learn more about Outlier's course structure, prerequisites, and other expectations after enrolling in a course.



Since almost all of our courses are introductory, most do not require any sort of prerequisite or pre-test. However, the following courses require a passing grade on our pretest in order to proceed with enrollment in the course: 

We require students to pass a pre-test with a 70% score or greater to enroll in the course. If you do not pass the pre-test, we recommend brushing up on your skills using Khan Academy or a similar resource and joining us in a future cohort!


Prepping Course Materials

Our courses include all of the necessary materials that you need to succeed! Therefore, you will not need to purchase any physical textbooks or resources.

In addition to our video lectures, you will have access to an interactive digital textbook (Active Learning) guided by activities and practice problems.

Outlier has no hidden costs or fees, allowing you to focus on your studies without any surprises.


Course Preview

After purchasing an Outlier course, regardless of the course start date, you can jump right in!

You will have access to the following:

  • Course Toolkit: Everything you need to get ahead, including the course syllabus and orientation.
  • First Section of Course Content: Get a head start by reviewing the very first section of your course, which is unlocked for all students upon enrollment

Learn more about navigating your course homepage here.

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