Earning an Outlier Certificate

An Outlier certificate is a specific course sequence designed to put you on the right track to achieve your academic or career goals.

Academic certificates are no longer available for purchase. However, if you're already enrolled in a certificate sequence, you're still eligible to earn a Certificate of Completion after successfully passing the included courses. 


The Outlier courses that comprise a Certificate sequence will earn you transferable college credits (3 per course) from the University of Pittsburgh, an accredited top 60 US school.

You can transfer these credits to your home institution by requesting a transcript.

However, our Certificates of Completion are granted solely by Outlier and aren’t currently accredited. That said, they are shareable on your LinkedIn Profile and resume and offer proof that you’ve completed - and passed - a sequence of academically rigorous courses with us.


Our certificates include:

Certificate # of Courses Courses Included
Data Science Prep 3 Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics
College Foundation 4 Astronomy, Psychology, Microeconomics, Precalculus
Business Foundation 4 Microeconomics, Financial Accounting, College Writing I, Intro to Business


How Does it Work?

Outlier certificates offer the same flexibility and affordability as our individual courses, and you’ll have 2 years from the date of purchase to complete your certificate coursework.

You can take multiple courses at once or spread them out - the only exception is that you must take sequenced courses in a specific order (such as Precalculus before Calculus).

After you complete all the courses with a grade of ≥70%, you’ll receive a shareable certificate of your accomplishment! You’ll also earn transferable credits for each course, putting you ahead of the game.

If you’ve already taken 1 or more of the courses in a certificate sequence and are interested in taking the remaining course(s) to earn a certificate, get in touch with our Student Success team.

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