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Financial Aid

Students accepted into Golden Gate University's Degrees+ program are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. Read more HERE.

If you're taking one of our individual courses, however, we are unable to accept financial aid funds (such as 529 plans or GI Bill funds) as a direct form of payment. We recommend that students reach out to the funding entity for their financial aid and inquire whether they can be reimbursed for Outlier tuition expenses and what will be required to do so.

Outlier is able to provide students with a copy of their invoice and a course syllabus if they need to submit an expense for reimbursement.

Learn more about employer reimbursement


We believe quality education should be affordable and accessible for all who want it.

We're working with our partners to offer new scholarship opportunities for our students. Sign up for our email list to be the first to hear about these offerings.



Outlier has seasonal promotions and discounts happening all the time!

Be sure to subscribe to our email mailing list at the bottom of our website to be the first to hear of promo and voucher codes.

We also have a payment plan option for our US students, and we're hoping to add more flexible payment options in the future so that everyone can access our courses.

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