Enrolling in an Outlier Course

Learn how to enroll in an Outlier course using your existing tokens.


Step #1 - Head to Your Course Catalog

From your Student Dashboard, access the drop-down menu by clicking the three horizontal lines next to your email address in the top right corner.


Click “Catalog”


Step #2 - Choose Your Next Course

Review the catalog and choose your next course by simply clicking on it!


Step #3 - Select Your Options


Like when you enrolled in your first course(s) with us, you must choose when you would like to start your course and if you will be an audit or for-credit student.

Once that is complete, click “Add Course”


Step #4 - Add as Many Courses as You Want

You will then be directed back to the course catalog if you want to enroll in more than one course. If so, repeat steps #2 and #3.

Once you have chosen every course you want to register for, click “Review Selection” at the bottom of the “Selected Courses” window.



Step #5 - Review Selections

Now, you are at the “Review details” page, where you can review all the courses you want to sign up for and see whether you have everything right.

You will also get a notification if this new course will overlap with courses you are taking or are planning to take.

So, to pay for these courses, you will need to use your existing Tokens. Head to this article for more information on Tokens.

Step #6 - Enjoy Your Course!

Once you have successfully used your tokens to enroll in your course you will immediately see it on your student dashboard!


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