Forging Your Student Path at Outlier

There are several options to choose from when becoming a student at Outlier! Read this article to learn about the paths and options you can take.


Degrees+ is proud to partner with Golden Gate University to offer 3 Associate Degree programs and professional certificates to students worldwide. 

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit the article: What is Golden Gate University Degrees+ powered by Outlier?


Individual Courses

Outlier also offers individual courses you can take for the most cost-effective price around! Learn about your options if you plan to take one, two, or more.


For-credit students will be taking the course for transferable credits that will apply to their college degree at another institution. You will follow a set time frame to complete the course, submit assignments, complete quizzes, and take exams.

Head to this article to see if you are eligible to be a for-credit student, and then go to this article to learn more about our transfer credits.

Standard vs. Intensive

When becoming a for-credit student, you will have the option to choose your course time frame. You can choose from the standard 14-week or accelerated 7-week time frame.

Head to this article to learn more about these time commitments and management.


As an audit student, you can enroll in any course and go through it at your own pace. You have access to the learning materials forever, and since you are not taking the course for credit, you don’t have to worry about taking graded assessments (unless you want to!)

Head to this article for more information on becoming an Audit Student.


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