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Golden Gate University’s Degrees+ program may be fully online, but when it comes to support services, you’re never without a hand. In this article, we’ll run through the major resources available to you. 



What makes a Degrees+ Advisor?

  • A commitment to learning about your unique needs as a student.
  • A wealth of information on how to select courses in your degree plan.
  • A determination to make the most of any credits you transfer to help you progress faster, where applicable (saving you time and money on what otherwise can be a daunting process!)
  • Expertise in helping you craft (and accomplish!) customized academic and career goals
  • A  mastery of the Outlier platform, and all the pro-tips needed to make the most out of your investment.

Your Degrees+ Advisor will be your main point of contact as an enrolled student. They’ll get you started on the platform and remain available to you throughout for pep talks, check-ins, and anything else you may need.

Academic Support

Each of your courses will be taught by faculty from Golden Gate University, who will be available to help you as you dive into the material. In particular, they’ll be posting and responding to questions in your discussion board, as well as replying to any questions you send via email. In addition, they’ll hold virtual office hours you can join whenever you want to connect with them more.

You’ll have the opportunity for supplemental academic support, as well, in the form of tutoring. In our math and writing-intensive courses, you’ll be able to directly access tutors through the platform, for free, whenever you have a math question or a writing submission you’d like feedback on. And, if you’d like (or, your instructor recommends) some additional support, Outlier has academic support specialists on hand to work with you. 


Alumni Network

Another important support system is the network of former students that make up your GGU and Outlier communities.

Golden Gate University has helped over 68,000 alumni earn degrees and find careers since 1901.  That’s a strong legacy of industry professionals —and now, that’s a strong network for you to join!

In addition to that professional community, being a GGU alum comes with some serious perks: 

  • Access to the GGU Career Services department
  • The GGU Careers job board and related online resources
  • Online workshops on eLearning covering a variety of job search and career development topics
  • Networking events, panel presentations, employer info sessions, and workshops

As a member of two strong institutions (Golden Gate University and Outlier), you’re in great company when it comes to career networking and resource sharing.

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