Dropping a Course

Similar to what you might find on a traditional college campus, the period of time between an Outlier course’s start date and drop deadline is considered the drop window. During this window, we encourage you to explore the course risk-free and determine if you’d like to continue.

If you decide to exit a for-credit course before the drop deadline (as specified in the Course Syllabus), this is defined as “dropping a course.” When you drop a for-credit course, there is no impact on your academic record, and you are eligible to transfer to an upcoming cohort (via Outlier token) or redeem a full refund


Drop Eligibility

Students may choose to drop a course at any point BEFORE 11:59 pm EST on the drop deadline of the course. The deadline to drop your course depends on the length of your cohort:

Drop Deadlines

  • For 14 Week Standard Cohorts: 14 days after the course start date
  • For 7 Week Intensive Cohorts: 7 days after the course start date

Drop Deadlines specific to your cohort can be viewed:

  • In the Course Toolkit > Schedule
  • On the Manage Course page (Account > Course Management > Manage Course)

How Do I Drop My Course?


If you are an Audit student, please contact the Student Success team for help exiting the course.


    1. Go to the top right of your screen and click the Menu Bar (three horizontal lines next to your email address). Then, click Account.course_management.png
    2. On the left side of your Account page, click Course Management.
    3. Next to the course you wish to drop, click Manage Course.
    4. If your course is eligible to be dropped, you'll see the Drop button under "Available Options". Click Drop.transfer_drop_audit.png

If you would like to exit the course AFTER the drop deadline, please see our article on Withdrawals.


Dropping a course is just one of several options you have when considering the right fit for your educational pursuits. Review this article to learn more.


Does not apply to Florida Polytechnic University or other partner institutions. Please refer to your course syllabus for details.


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