Your Support Ecosystem: Degrees+ & Professional Certificates

All students enrolled in the Degrees+ program AND anyone taking an Outlier Professional Certificate Course are officially Golden Gate University (GGU) students, and that status comes with access to a number of student support resources across GGU and Outlier, including:

This article outlines the role and scope of each resource, helping you navigate who to turn to for what, depending on the nature of your specific question or need.

GGU Instructor

All Golden Gate University students are assigned a section (group of peers) and GGU instructor within each registered course. Your GGU instructor is a subject matter expert and your primary source of academic support for the course, responsible for moderating the academic discussion community, managing student grades and evaluations, holding virtual office hours, answering course- or subject-specific questions and monitoring your academic progress from course start through completion.

Your Instructor is here to help you:

  • Digest and understand the course material
  • Engage interactively with the course content and your peers through weekly Yellowdig prompts and moderation
  • Answer any questions you have about your grades or academic progress in the course
  • Get back on track should you fall behind in your pacing or performance during the term
Course start to completion; individual hours may vary.
  • Email: Your instructor’s email address is listed in your Course Syllabus (Course Toolkit > Syllabus)
  • Community: @ mention your instructor by name in your YellowDig community
  • Virtual Office Hours: Instructions on how to schedule or drop in will be shared within Yellowdig at the beginning of the course
  • Outlier LMS: Click the feedback button (as indicated by a teal question mark) on the bottom right-hand side of the LMS and select “Instructor Help.”

Academic Advisor

From admission into the program through its completion, all Golden Gate University students are assigned an Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor will serve as an individual counselor, coach and guide, ensuring you have the resources and planning you need to be successful.

Your Academic Advisor is here to help you:

  • Register for courses at the start of each term
  • Create a workable plan and timeline for your chosen degree¹
  • Navigate the educational and student support services available to you
  • Interpret program policies and procedures
  • Identify and address roadblocks that may impede your success in the program
  • Facilitate progress toward your academic and career goals

¹ Degrees+ students only


Monday - Friday

9am-6pm Eastern

Schedule a Meeting: In the Outlier LMS, click the menu button and select Contact > Contact Advisor
Email: Contact Form
Call or Text: 510-399-2627

Outlier Support Team

The Outlier Support Team is here to help you when you have general questions about the Outlier platform or policies. We can help point out key features in your account, help you troubleshoot when faced with a technical problem, or answer general questions about policies and processes. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out to Support.

The Outlier Support team is here to help you:

  • Navigate the Outlier LMS
  • Resolve any technical issues you may encounter
  • Facilitate timely responses to questions for Outlier integration partners (incl. Coursera)²
  • Answer general policy questions

² Professional Certificate students only


Monday - Friday

10am-6pm Eastern

Outlier LMS: Click the feedback button (as indicated by a teal question mark) on the bottom right-hand side of the LMS and select “Tech Support”

Discussion Community: Mention @outlier in your Yellowdig Discussion Community

Email: Submit a Request

Tutoring via Skooli

For supplemental academic support, Degrees+ students in select courses³ have access to free, on-demand, one-on-one tutoring services through Skooli. Whether you need a quick review before a test, a detailed explanation of a challenging concept, or feedback to improve an essay, Skooli’s team of professional educators is available from course start to completion for select courses. Your tutoring time is unlimited, so use the service as long and as often as you need.

Tutoring is here to help you:

  • Understand concepts you are struggling with
  • Prepare for upcoming assessments and exams
  • Receive feedback on written assignments
  • Test your knowledge and mastery of a given topic



24 hours a day

7 days a week

Outlier LMS: Click the Menu Bar > Tutoring
Click the Menu Bar > Contact > Tutoring

³ Tutoring available for all Math Courses, as well as College Writing I & II, Financial Accounting, & Philosophy


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