Your Support Ecosystem: Dual Enrollment

For high school students attending a confirmed partner high school, your enrollment in courses with means that you will earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. This means you have access to a number of student resources across your high school and Outlier, including:

This article outlines the role and scope of each resource, helping you navigate who to turn to for what, depending on the nature of your specific question or need.

Outlier Administrator

Your high school's Outlier Administrator is typically the teacher present in the classroom during your Outlier class period. They will be a great starting resource to ask general questions about the Outlier courses you're enrolled in and can help you determine if you need to speak with the Outlier Support Team directly. Using the course syllabus, they will set the specific exam dates and times, proctor the exams, and assist you with requesting an extension if you need one. They can also help monitor your progress in the course and will request an exit from the course if appropriate. 

Your Outlier Administrator is here to help:

  • Set the exam schedule and proctor exams
  • Manage your enrollment in Outlier courses, including exiting the course
  • Request medical accommodations for your course
  • Request exam extensions for in-classroom learners

Monday - Friday

During school hours

In-person during school hours.

Alternate methods will vary by Administrator. Check with them at the start of the term to determine their communication preferences.

The Outlier Support Team

The Outlier Support Team is here to help you when you have general questions about the Outlier platform or policies. We can help point out key features in your account, help you troubleshoot when faced with a technical problem, or answer general questions about policies and processes. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out to Support.

The Outlier Support Team is here to help you:

  • Navigate the Outlier Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Resolve any technical issues you may encounter
  • Answer general policy questions
  • Review and approve extension requests for writing assignments and remote-learner exams

Monday - Friday

10am - 6pm Eastern

Outlier LMS: Click the feedback button (as indicated by the teal "?") on the bottom right-hand side of the LMS and select "Tech Support"

Discussion Community: Mention @outlier in your Yellowdig Discussion Community

Email: Submit a Request

Tutoring via Skooli

For supplemental academic support, students in select courses³ have access to free, on-demand, one-on-one tutoring services through Skooli. Whether you need a quick review before a test, a detailed explanation of a challenging concept, or feedback to improve an essay, Skooli’s team of professional educators is available from course start to completion for select courses. Your tutoring time is unlimited, so use the service as long and as often as you need.

Students who regularly attended Skooli tutoring sessions had pass rates nearly 13% higher than their classmates who did not leverage the service at all.

Skooli is here to help you:

  • Understand concepts you are struggling with
  • Prepare for upcoming assessments and exams
  • Receive feedback on written assignments
  • Test your knowledge and mastery of a given topic

24 hours a day

7 days a week

Outlier LMS: Click the Menu Bar > Tutoring OR
Click the Menu Bar > Contact > Tutoring

³ Tutoring available for all Math Courses, as well as College Writing I & II, Financial Accounting, & Philosophy

For Dual Enrollment students who are enrolled in a Professional Certificate, learn more about your support options in this article: Your Support Ecosystem: Degrees+ & Professional Certificates

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