View Grades & Request Transcripts

Whether you have completed your course or you are almost there, congrats to you! Read this article to see how you can predict your grades, view your final grades, and request transcripts.


View Grades

After your final exam closes, please allow one week for your final grade to be calculated and posted to your course homepage.


You can also view your final grade on your student dashboard under “All Courses”



Projected Grades

You can use the grading structure outlined on your class syllabus to estimate your grade based on your scores from quizzes and exams, and writing assignments (if your course includes them).

To find out your projected grade in this course, we recommend using a grade calculator. Try this one!


What if I need a transcript, but my course has not yet ended?

You may request proof of enrollment from the University of Pittsburgh by clicking on this link and following all the same steps as requesting a transcript, except that you will select the option for "Order Enrollment Verification" as opposed to "Order Transcript".

Please do not request this document until the Monday after the Administrative Drop date for your cohort. Your enrollment will not be officially entered into The University of Pittsburgh's system until this date.  If the document is requested before this timeline, it may be denied or will arrive without your current course.


Request Official Transcripts


Remember, you must wait 10 business days after your cohort's Final Exam window closes to request a transcript. Your transcript will show up blank if you request it before this date! But the good news is that if you request your transcript electronically, it will arrive immediately.

Begin by requesting a transcript from the University of Pittsburgh


Request your transcript to be emailed to your personal email address, and then you can share it with any number of institutions!

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