Starting the Transfer Credit Process

Ready to transfer your credits? We have put this information here to start your transfer credit process and make sure you don’t miss a step.


If you are planning to transfer course credits towards your degree, we highly recommend beginning the transfer credit pre-approval process. While courses delivered by Outlier and credits earned through the University of Pittsburgh tend to transfer well, each college is different.

We recommend contacting your school’s Registrar or your advisor to see if specific University of Pittsburgh courses will transfer for college-level credit 2-3 weeks before the course starts. Also, check with your home institution to see if there is a minimum grade requirement for transfer courses.

Head to this article to learn more.

After Completing Your Course

After your course is finalized, wait at least 10 business days to transfer your credits successfully. It takes a bit of processing time for your final grade to show up on your University of Pittsburgh transcript.

Head to Your Credit Transfer Page

To start your transfer credit process, head to your Credit transfer page.

Next, click Continue next to the course you want to transfer.

Here, request an official transcript to the institution(s) of your choice. The transcript will be sent from the University of Pittsburgh.

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