About Outlier's Course Credits

Outlier is proud to offer affordable, 3-credit courses that are transferable by our partnership with the University of Pittsburgh! Learn more about where our credits come from, how you can earn 4 credits, and the course numbers/equivalents.

Where Do Outlier’s Credits Come From?

When you successfully complete an Outlier course, you receive 3 college semester credits as well as an official transcript from the University of Pittsburgh. These credits are transferrable to other colleges and universities, subject to review and approval by the receiving institution.

Course Numbers/Equivalents

When you transfer credits, your home institution will receive an official transcript from the University of Pittsburgh for any Outlier course you've completed. The following table lists the course numbers for each Outlier course:

Course Name Course Number
College Algebra MATH 0019
College Writing I ENGWRT 0010
Computer Science I CS 0109
Fundamentals of Calculus I MATH 0217
Introduction to Astronomy ASTRON 0085
Principles of Economics ECON 0005
Financial Accounting ACCT 0100
Introduction to Business BU 0015
Introduction to Microeconomics ECON 0106
Introduction to Macroeconomics ECON 0113
Introduction to Psychology PSY 0013
Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 0100
Introduction to Sociology SOC 0013
Introduction to Statistics STAT 0202
Precalculus MATH 0005

Course numbers from the University of Pittsburgh are subject to change.

These course numbers may not apply to partner institutions. Please refer to your course syllabus or the Course toolkit page in your Student Dashboard for the correct course number for your term.

4 Credit Courses

If your school offers 4 credits for the Calculus course or the Astronomy course, we offer students the option to get 4 credits and an academic transcript from the American Council on Education (ACE).

ACE helps students gain academic credit for courses taken outside of the traditional degree programs. Thousands of colleges across the nation consider ACE credit recommendations in determining transfer course equivalencies to their institutions.

Visit this article to learn more about our ACE credit courses.

It is important to note that you can always request the transcript from the University of Pittsburgh upon successful completion of your course.

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