Accessing Financial Aid for Golden Gate University Degrees+

One of the most frequent and important questions students have when considering college is: “Can I afford it?” 

This question is valid, and one of the main reasons Outlier exists as a company. Our mission is to increase access to quality college education and dramatically reduce student debt.

In this article, we’ll go over details on tuition, financial aid, and other frequently asked financial questions to help get you started.

What is the cost for Golden Gate University Degrees+?

Great question! Traditionally, higher education has come with a higher price tag that not all students can afford. With Degrees+ by Golden Gate University, powered by Outlier, we’ve created an associate degree program for the low cost of $12,740 (or $199 per course credit and $399 per credit for professional certificates).

How much will I pay per term?

Your tuition per term will depend on how many classes you’re taking. If you’re a full-time student (enrolled in 3 courses/12 credits), your tuition for that term will be $2,388. For students enrolling in the January 2024 start date, payment is due February 2nd, 2024.

How do I pay for my term?

Once you have been accepted into the program, students will receive additional information on deadlines and how to log into Golden Gate University’s student portal to pay for the courses you’ve enrolled in. 

Is it possible to use 529 funds to pay my tuition?

Yes, students accepted into Golden Gate University Degrees+ program are able to use 529 funds to pay their tuition.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Financial aid? 

To qualify for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as FAFSA. For students looking to enroll in the upcoming term, the FAFSA form is currently open. For students interested in applying for future terms, you will need to check the FAFSA deadlines to know when your FAFSA must be completed.

How many credits do I need to qualify for financial aid?

In order to be eligible for financial aid, students need to be at least a half-time student. This means that to qualify, you’ll need to be enrolled in at least two courses (8 credits) to meet the 6 credit minimum. 

The amount of financial aid you may be eligible for depends on how many credits you are taking. In order to receive your full financial aid award, you will need to be enrolled as a full-time student. A full-time student is someone taking 3 courses per term (which equates to 12 credits).

My FAFSA application requires a school code. What is the school code for Golden Gate University?

When you submit your FAFSA form, you can list schools where you would like this information to be sent. To have your financial aid information sent directly to Golden Gate University, you will use their school code: 001205.

How will a student’s financial aid be determined?

Your financial aid award is determined by a combination of a few different factors. Let’s go into some of those factors here:

      1. How many credits are you taking?
      2. What is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)? Your EFC is a number that will be calculated when you complete your FAFSA, and it is used by the Federal government to determine a person or family’s ability to pay for a year of postsecondary expenses
          • Note that is not the amount of money your family will have to pay for college, nor is it the amount of federal student aid you will receive. But, it will be used by your school to calculate how much financial aid you are eligible to receive
      3. What is your Cost of Attendance (COA)? Your COA is the amount if will cost you to go to school, which includes tuition, room and board, and other expenses.

Overall, your eligibility for Financial aid depends on your Expected Family Contribution, your year in school and enrollment status (how many credits you’re taking), and the cost of attendance at the school you’re attending. 

For more details on how a student’s financial aid is determined, please visit the Student Aid site for additional information:

After submitting my FAFSA form, how long will it take to be reviewed?

Students may receive their financial aid packages anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks after submitting their FAFSA form and the Golden Gate University financial application.

I don’t qualify for financial aid; are there other options to finance my education?

Yes! You may be eligible to pay for your program in installments through Golden Gate University’s degree financing program, Nelnet Campus Commerce. To learn more about this option, please visit Golden Gate University’s website

I’m an international student, am I allowed to apply for financial aid?

International students can be accepted to a Degrees+ program but are not eligible for financial aid.

Do you offer any scholarships?

While we do not offer any scholarships currently, you may want to look into any external private or non-profit scholarships to apply for in order to meet your financial needs. 

What happens if I don't pay on time?

Failure to pay tuition will not result in being dropped from the course but may result in one or both of the following consequences:  

    1. Your transcripts will be withheld
    2. You will not be able to register/enroll in future terms until your tuition balance has been paid.

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