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We’re excited to announce Outlier’s new Checklist feature to help our students with time management!

The Checklist compiles all of the activities you must complete across all of your enrolled courses in one convenient view. Activities are broken down into weekly groupings based on the recommended schedules for the course.

While this feature is optional, we strongly encourage you to try it out to help you manage your schedule!


Where do I find it?

Accessing the Checklist is simple: click on the ‘list’ icon to the left of the regular menu in the upper right corner of your Outlier Account. 


How does it work?

Clicking on the Checklist icon opens a panel on the right side of the screen. The first time you open the Checklist, you’ll see an introductory message. You can dismiss the message by clicking on ‘Let me see it’.

Next, you’ll see the activity list for your course (or a list of courses if you’re enrolled in more than one):

Courses with active assessments (like writing assignments, capstones, and exams) will be listed at the top, followed by courses with the most incomplete activities. You’ll also see reminders about exams and assignments.

Click on a course to open the detailed view of activities within it.

The dates and section range will correspond to the cohort’s schedule. 

Each activity will match the sections and show an estimated amount of work remaining:

Clicking on any activity will take you directly to the activity within your course.


Staying on Track

The purpose of this tool is to help you stay on track with the recommended pacing of the course so you don’t miss any important activities. 

If you have activities that carry over into the next week, you’ll notice that the heading becomes yellow and displays the message, “Expect to spend a little extra time on coursework this week”.

If your activities are incomplete for 2 or more weeks, you’ll notice the heading will be red and display the message, “Your list has gotten long. Start working through it, and contact us if you need help.”

It’s not impossible to get caught up if you fall behind on the activities! Since you can complete your coursework when it’s convenient for you, it’s possible to spend a little extra time to get back on track.

When you are caught up with the material in your Checklist, you can also work ahead: 

If you run into issues completing your assessments or exams, it’s important to contact Student Success as soon as possible.


To really take your time management to the next level, we recommend using the Checklist in combination with the Add to Calendar feature in your Course Toolkit.

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