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Did you know that students who complete coursework 3-5 times a week are twenty-nine times more likely to earn a passing grade? Our Study Block feature allows you to commit to logging into your courses during specific times and reminds you to study and space out your work so that it is manageable and consistent.

Navigating to Study Blocks 

  1. Student Dashboard

    Study Blocks appear on the Student Dashboard. You can manage your Study Blocks by clicking the teal Edit link from here.
  2. Account Settings

    You can also create and manage your study blocks anytime within your Account Settings.


Creating Study Blocks

Create your Study Blocks, either from your Student Dashboard or Account Settings

If this is your first time creating a Study Block, you can select “edit” at the top of your Student Dashboard. 

You can also create or edit your Study Blocks directly within your Account Settings.

Select the days of the week you want to dedicate to coursework

First, choose which days of the week you want to dedicate to studying. Once these are selected, you can customize each day to your schedule below.

Customize your study blocks for each day of the week you selected

One study block will automatically be added for each day you selected. You can edit the time window by clicking on the From and To fields.

You can also add up to 4 study blocks per day by clicking on the teal ‘+’ next to the existing study block. If you want to remove a block, simply click the teal ‘-’.

Save your schedule

Once you’ve finished customizing your Study Blocks, make sure you save them by clicking the teal Save button at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you change your mind about any edits you’ve made, you can revert back to your previous schedule by clicking the teal Cancel.

Set up Reminders

After customizing your study blocks, select your preferred channel to receive reminders. You can choose from email, SMS, or both! You’ll receive reminders to study 30 minutes to 1 hour before your Study Block is set to start. If you are logged into the site before your Study Block is set to start, you’ll get a reminder within your Outlier Account 5 minutes before your study block start time.

Once your study blocks are saved, you can also add them to your calendar. This will allow you to transfer the study blocks you’ve entered into your iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar. 

The tool calculates the number of suggested hours per week based on how many courses you’re enrolled in:
        ◼️ One 14 or 15 week course = 10 hours/week/course
        ◼️ One 7 or 8 week course = 20 hours/week/course
        ◼️ One 39-week course = 5 hours/week/course
Once you have scheduled enough hours, the warning that states, “The hour(s) you’ve entered don’t meet the suggested hours per week!” will go away.


Adjusting Your Study Block Schedule

If you miss a study block, you’ll see a “missed study block” state (a yellow exclamation point ⚠️ appears next to your missed study block time).

If you miss three study blocks in a row, you’ll be prompted to adjust your study blocks. 

You may also wish to adjust your schedule if the original times you selected no longer work for you.

You can update your recurring Study Block schedule at any time by Navigating to the Study Blocks section and clicking the Edit button. Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 1.22.00 PM.png


If you enroll in another/new Outlier course that overlaps with your current courses, you’ll be prompted to adjust your Study Blocks to add additional time.

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