Access Your Course Toolkit & Syllabus

The Course Toolkit: your one-stop shop for important information. This can be found at the top of the course homepage. Here is where you will find your syllabus, course schedule, orientation, and more!

Course Toolkit


You will see the “View Toolkit” button right under your course name. By clicking here, You will access your course toolkit, which has some great resources to get started!

Here you can access*:

  • Your Course Syllabus
  • The Community Discussion Board
  • The Outlier Student Orientation Video
  • Any resources needed for your course (like a calculator)
  • Tips on Time Management
  • Instructor Biographies
  • How We Measure Your Grade

*varies by course


TIP: Add To Calendar

Depending on your course, you will see a section titled "Schedule" at the top of your toolkit. There is an option to add the course dates to your calendar.

You can choose which calendar works best for you! This will help tremendously in creating a schedule that works for you and keeping up with course content.





Underneath your Toolkit, you have a comprehensive description of your course. Click “Read More

This description will always be available throughout the semester. It provides an overview of what you will be learning and what you should take away at the end.

Then, right under the course description, you will find a chapter called “Orientation”

Each section offers informative videos to help you start your journey as an Outlier student. We recommend completing this Orientation chapter before beginning your first chapter.

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