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At Outlier, we believe that one of the very best ways to learn (and reinforce your learning) is through dialogue and discussion with your peers. That’s why participation in your course’s discussion community is worth 5% of your final grade!


Accessing Your Discussion Community

When inside your course on the course homepage, you can easily access your discussion community by dropping down the account menu in the top right corner.


You can also access your Yellowdig Discussion community by accessing your Course Toolkit.

On the Links section of your Course Toolkit page, click Discussion.


Access to the discussion community of your course opens on the first day of class at 12 pm EST. Unlike other elements of the course, it’s not possible to access the community prior to this time.


Registering for Yellowdig

If it’s your first time using Yellowdig, you’ll need to register for an account.

1. Access your Discussion Community 

2. Create a profile with Yellowdig.


3. Verify your email address or add a new one if necessary. Click submit.

4. Then, you should be brought to your homepage, where you see your course discussion group(s).


5. If you need more help using Yellowdig, access their knowledge base.


Earning Your Participation Points

There are a few ways you can score high in participation for your course:

  • Respond to weekly discussion prompts posted by the Success Team.
  • Ask a question you are struggling with or found very useful.
  • Answer one of your peers’ questions by starting a thread under their question.

Please give examples, share resources, and post screenshots or videos in the discussion threads to support your thoughts and ideas!

Explaining concepts reinforces your own understanding of the material. When you actively engage in conversations, you learn by reflecting on the subject matter. Sharing your ideas and perspectives with others, questioning, and thinking critically about responses will support your learning as you move through the course!


Tracking Participation Points

On Yellowdig, there is a designated scoreboard that tracks your participation for you!

Point Targets

  • 13000 for 14-week courses*
  • 6000 for 7-week courses
    *College Writing I & II point targets are 12000 for 14-week courses.


Community Guidelines

We ask all students in our Yellowdig community to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Ask and answer questions.
  • Connect with your peers.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Do not post quiz or exam questions.


Please share your personal information responsibly.

If you wish to add information to your Yellowdig profile (such as full name, job description/title, phone number, and time zone), we welcome you to do so. Still, please be aware that everyone invited to the Outlier Yellowdig community can view this information.

For those new to Yellowdig, you may find this article useful: Yellowdig Learner Orientation Guide

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