Extended Schedules: Exams and Assignments

This article is specific to high school students enrolled in a 39-week cohort. For all other students, please see this article.

Exams and graded assignments are key milestones to evaluate your understanding and retention of the course material. While much of the course content can be completed at your own pace, exams and assignments are only able to be completed during certain periods of time.

Exam Schedules

Extended courses with exams will be made up of:

  • 4 Exams
  • A two-part Final Exam

In weeks with exams, the exam period is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am-8 pm Eastern Time. Check your Course Toolkit for the exam schedule and use the Add to Calendar feature to make sure you never miss important dates!


Exam Proctoring

To ensure adherence to the University of Pittsburgh's policy on Academic Integrity in test environments, all exams will be subject to proctoring.

Proctoring for In-Classroom Learners

High school students who are taking Outlier classes in a classroom setting are considered in-classroom learners. You will complete exams in person, during a specified time, with a live proctor present.

All exams will be conducted during school hours with your school's Outlier Administrator present to proctor the exam session. Your Student ID (or another valid form of photo ID) is required to be shown to the Administrator to confirm your identity before each exam.

To start your exam session, your school's Administrator will unlock the exam for all students who are present at the start of the scheduled session.

When you've completed your exam and are ready to submit your answers, raise your hand to notify your school’s Administrator. They must witness you complete the exam by clicking the 'View Grade' button.


Proctoring for Remote Learners

High school students taking Outlier courses remotely in an independent, self-guided capacity are considered remote learners. You will complete exams online, at any point within the scheduled window, by installing and using the proctoring browser extension, Proctorio, to ensure academic integrity.

We use a hybrid approach to proctor exams—with both AI proctoring software and human review to ensure that academic integrity is maintained in all of our courses while also avoiding false negatives.

For more information about Proctorio and exam preparation for Remote Learners, check out this article: Preparing for Your Exam


Assignment Schedules

Some courses will have writing assignments or presentations incorporated into the course schedule. These may include essays, coding assignments, or speeches, depending on the course. Both in-classroom and remote learners will be required to submit their assignments by the close of the assignment window.

Assignment windows in extended schedules are open for one full week, starting on Monday at 12 pm (noon) Eastern Time and closing the following Monday at 12 pm (noon) Eastern Time.

Students can find the schedule for their graded assignments in their course syllabus, found in their Course Toolkit.



While exams and graded assignments have set deadlines, we understand life can be unpredictable and there may be times when a student is unable to complete their work as scheduled.

Exam Extensions for In-Classroom Learners

In-Classroom learners must reach out to their school's Outlier Administrator to discuss their eligibility and options for an extension. The Administrator will submit recommendations for extensions to the Outlier Success team. If approved, arrangements will be made to support an alternate in-person proctoring session.

The 24-hour self-service extension feature is not available for exams for in-classroom learners.

Exam Extensions for Remote Learners

Remote learners are able to add a 24-hour extension, for any reason, to the deadline for their online proctored exams using the self-service extension tool. Extension requests beyond 24 hours will be reviewed for approval by Outlier’s Student Success Team. Learn more in this article: Requesting an Extension

Assignment Extensions

Both in-classroom and remote learners are able to use the self-service, 24-hour extension tool for assignment extensions. Extension requests beyond 24 hours will be reviewed for approval by Outlier’s Student Success Team. Learn more in this article: Requesting an Extension

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