Taking Quizzes

Section quizzes are an important component of your learning and of your final course grade. Your section quizzes will unlock after you have engaged with the course content for that section.

For each section quiz, you will have a total of five attempts, with the exception of Computer Science I, Principles of Economics, College Writing I, and College Writing II, which offer three attempts.

Running into Technical Difficulties on your Quiz?

A Focus on Mastery

At Outlier, quizzes are all about mastery! We want you to get the highest score possible!

To help you achieve your highest potential, we have given you multiple chances to perform well on a quiz. However, you are only required to complete one of the quiz attempts for each section.

For example, let's say you take a quiz and get 100% on the first try (you can do it!). You do not need to complete any of the remaining quiz attempts for that section. Now, let’s say you take a quiz and are unhappy with your grade. We would recommend you go back and review lectures, readings, and practice exercises until you are more comfortable with the material, and then you can come back and try again!

We will only consider the highest quiz grade from each section as your final grade for the course.

Timing & Scheduling

Quiz Numbers When Unlocked
1,2,3 Beginning of course
4 After related exam opens
5 After final exam opens

At the beginning of your course, Quiz Attempts 1-3 will be available to you. Quiz Attempt 4 will unlock after the exam that covered that content closes. Quiz Attempt 5 will unlock after the Final Exam window opens. 

The last two quiz attempts are intended to help you review for exams, but they will also give you an extra opportunity to improve your scores and gauge your comprehension of each section!

There are no time limits on quizzes. The only deadline to keep in mind is that they will lock on the final date of the course when the Final Exam window closes.


Technical Issues

If you are having technical issues while taking a quiz, don’t fret! The good news is that ultimately, you will have 3 or 5 attempts (depending on your course) for each section's quizzes, and we will only count your highest-scoring attempt towards your overall grade.

Remember that you may not exit a quiz mid-assessment. If you attempt to exit the page, you will be shown a pop-up message warning you not to exit:


Head to this article for more general troubleshooting tips.


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