Academic Integrity

Outlier’s Academic Integrity Policy outlines our Code of Conduct and is signed by all students upon entering a course.

Outlier has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating.

Proctored software and academic guidelines have been implemented to ensure that all graded assessments meet the testing standards of Outlier and partner institutions. Students are also encouraged to respectfully use the monitored discussion boards solely for discussing course-related content. Failure to comply with the terms of the policy may result in sanctions.

We use online proctoring software to detect cheating and ensure test integrity. Any misrepresentation of coursework is considered academic dishonesty and may result in:

  1. Failure of the course without a refund.
  2. A lifetime ban from Outlier.

Rest assured, Outlier students are not at the mercy of cold, unfeeling AI technology. Outlier uses a hybrid approach to proctor exams—with both AI proctoring software and human review to ensure that academic integrity is maintained in all of our courses while also avoiding false negatives.

Our AI software only flags possible breaches of academic integrity. The Outlier team reviews each and every possible problem flagged by the software to make a determination.

Outlier’s full Academic Integrity Policy can be reviewed here.

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