Requesting an Extension

At Outlier, we understand that life can get in the way of your studies, and we don’t want your grades to suffer because of it. Read this article to learn more about exam and assignment extensions.

Are you a high school student in a 39-week cohort? See this article for extension information specific to your program.

Built-in Exam & Assignment Extension Tool

Remote Learners

Remote learners in 7- and 14- and 39-week courses have the ability to request a 24-hour extension for any exam or writing assignment when less than 3 days (72 hours) remain before the deadline to submit the exam or assignment.

When your exam or assignment deadline is closing within 3 days, the ability to request an extension becomes available on the course homepage and student dashboard.

Click on “Extend Deadline”, and you will then be directed to the extension request page, where you are asked to complete a short form.


After submitting the form, you will see a message on the top right of the page that mentions the course name, the specific assessment title, and the updated deadline.

Please note that extensions beyond 24 hours may require documentation. You should contact our Student Success team as soon as possible if you are experiencing circumstances that will impact your ability to complete your coursework on time.


Degrees+ and Professional Certificates

Students in the Degrees+ and Professional Certificate programs with GGU have the ability to request a 72-hour extension for any exam or writing assignment when less than 3 days (72 hours) remain before the deadline to submit the exam or assignment.

For extensions longer than 72 hours, or to request an extension after the exam deadline has passed, you'll need to email your instructor to make your extension request.

Your instructor will review the request and then submit their recommendation for an extension directly to the Outlier Student Success team.


In-classroom Learners

Students in extended, 39-week high school partner programs with in-classroom proctoring should follow the instructions in this article for exam extensions: Extended Schedules: Exams and Assignments

In-classroom learners can request a 24-hour extension for writing assignments using the built-in extension tool within 72 hours of the due date of the assignment.


Extensions to a Final Exam/Assignment

If you are approved for an extension of your Final Exam or final Assignment, access to quizzes and other course material will remain open until the end of your new deadline (with the exception of the Discussion Community, which closes on the original close date of your cohort).

Be sure to complete all quizzes (including additional quiz attempts) and your final essay/assignment by the approved deadline. Once the extended deadline has passed, all graded material is closed to process final grades.


Course Extensions

Generally, it is not possible to extend the end date of your course. If you are experiencing a hardship that impacts your ability to finish your course on time, please reach out to the Student Success team as soon as possible to discuss your available options.

Degrees+ and Professional Certificate students will need to reach out to their instructor(s) to discuss their options for a course extension.

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